Garden Products
Copper Obelisk

Oliver-Woods, a manufacturer of a variety of industrial products would like to present one of our fine retail products, a copper obelisk that will age to an attractive green patina. Measuring over 6' tall with a base diameter of 26", it is ideal for supporting climbing roses, clematis, etc. Assembles in less than 10 minutes.

This fine product is available directly through Lee Valley Tools Online located here.. We highly encourage you to visit their website!

We also offer other various garden products as well as a complete line of custom made bird feeders. Visit Birds Love My Garden, to learn more.

At OLIVER-WOODS Metal Spinning we employ highly skilled metal spinners with many years of experience in this industry. We take pride in our workmanship and match this with modern facilities and equipment to produce quality-assured products for our customers.
Metal spinning is a unique process that allows sheet metal parts to be shaped seamlessly through rotation and pressure. Spinning can be prefered over many of the steps required prior to drop-hammer and hydro-forming, which in turn saves our customers money and time. Some of the advantages that metal spinning offers over drop-hammer forming include;
Metal spinning is ideal for domes, circulars, cones, re-entrant shapes and hemispheres. As long as shapes remain concentric on an axis, metal spinning is is a superior design process.
We are capable of spinning carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum, copper, brass and other forms of metals up to .129 inches thick.
In metal spinning, the thickness of the wall is controlled throughout the piece. This keeps the metal part from experiences excessive thinning. Strength in the part can also be improved by placing grooves internally or externally.
Metal spinning allows low tolerance diameters of .020 [+/-] on small parts. Extensive machining allows for even lower tolerances.
Blanks can be rolled, welded and spun. This allows the cast structure to become wrought structure; strong, homogenous and almost invisible to the eye.

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