Oliver-Woods Metal Spinning is one of the most experienced hand spinning companies in the industry with over 50 years expertise to offer our customers. We are capable of spinning parts less than 1 in diameter to as large as 60 inches diameter. Our hydrolic-assisted lathes allow spinning up to .129 inch thick. Our hand-spinning lathes enable hands-on control of the working materials which translate to closer tolerances.
Hand spinning offers several advantages over CNC spinning. Specifically, hand spinning affords quicker set up time which reduces the cost of small production runs. Additionally, Oliver-Woods highly skilled and experienced spinners provide excellent control of wall thickness and improved overall dimensional stability. Over ninety percent of all tooling used in hand spinning is manufactured internally. This means both spinners and toolmakers can design the best possible tool to manufacture your parts on. If tooling needs modification, we do it at Oliver-Woods.
Our goal is to meet your production requirements. We also have short-run stamping abilities, guillotine and circle shearing capabilities as well as roll forming, welding, and custom tooling.

Other Advantages of hand spinning:
Flexible production (28 to 8 guage)
Economical adjustments to tooling and programs
Short set-up times increasing machine availability
Low tooling costs
Oliver-Woods - An Industry Leader In Metal Spinning 
Over 50 years in the metal spinning industries
Committment to high quality spinning
Stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum . .
Aerospace, telecommunications, environmental . .
Strength, thickness, tolerances, flexibility . .

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